The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel

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PO BOX 4634, Jerusalem 91046 Israel

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
General Information
PCATI is an Israeli Human Rights NGO with 3 divisions: Legal Advocacy; Public Engagement; International Outreach and 12 employees. Our funding sources come from mainly Western European foundations and governmental sources. Our legal advocacy involves representing victims of torture, submitting complaints, petitions to the High Court. Public Engagement includes report publications, campaigning, human rights education. We work with the wide range of civil society organizations and are developing important ties with CSOs working in social justice with marginalized communities in Israel. We work with Palestinian and Israeli Human Rights NGOs and international networks such as FIDH and we EMHRN.
Mission and Objectives

PCATI uses public engagement, legal advocacy and international outreach to advocate for an end to torture and the protection of civilians on behalf of all persons - Israelis, Palestinians, foreigners in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) – in order to protect them from torture and ill treatment by the Israeli interrogation and law enforcement authorities. These include the Israel Police, the General Security Service (GSS), the Israel Prison Service and the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). PCATI acts in accordance with moral and democratic values, and the standards set in Israeli and International law. It is our goal to use an integrated and holistic approach to accomplish these goals.

Main Projects / Activities

PCATI's legal advocacy activities include direct protection actions, visiting and representing detainees and pursuing claims via complaints to the authorities, High Court actions and international legal activity, including in forums such as the EU and UN (such as CAT). We engage the public via coordinated campaigns surrounding a particular issue that usually includes and event, report and/or petitions (see Painful Shackling, and the UN Day in support of torture victims, All our work has and international and local outreach focus. We are now running a new innovative project on film and human rights and working on a series of internet videoa on IHL and human rights.

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Louis Frankenthaler, Development & International Outreach Director
Head of the organisation
Dr. Ishai Menuchin, Executive Director
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Orah Maggen, International Communications