Sawa Association for Development

National Network

Majdel-Anjal, Bekaa
Chtaura 1802

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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. Youth and education
General Information
A Foundation dedicated to the educational and social development of the residents of Bekaa, especially women and children and the underprivileged. The Foundation also addresses environmental issues. the members of sawa are 50 ( 7 in the board ) but we have many volunnteers in the villages . the source of funding is by donation , some workshops with " friedrich Nawmann foundation"  we did many workshops for women, children and youth the partners are the municipalities in most activities ( Majdel Anjar and Kob Elias ) and Al houdoud club in Majdel Anjar 
Mission and Objectives

The main objective os Sawa to develop the aknowledge for people especially the underprivileged, we care about Human Rights, the dialogue between diffrent communities, now the dialogue and conflict resolution between the Syrians Refugees and the lebanese community,
we care about the education for children and youth , we provide specail courses for illitracy in refugees camps in Bekaa , 
we care about the women rights, we organized many workshops about gender based violence and awerness about early childrn marriage 
women empowerment is our goal, we organized worshops for women  entreprneur and economical empowerment 

Main Projects / Activities

• Worked closely with Environment and Development magazine and participated in its workshops on the environment. Published articles in the magazine on environmental issues especially in Bekaa, Lebanon. The Foundation organized educational programs such as painting and reading to the children in the schools.
• Participated in Billion Tree campaign with UNEP, we planted about 50000 conifers trees in Bekaa valley, Lebanon
• A member of Sawa Associatiopn is a Junior Board member with UNEP ( representing West Asia)
• Welcomed the Syrian refugees  as they came to Lebanon through the borders ( 2011 ) , worked to assist the displaced in Bekaa distributing shelter, food, and services for refugees.
• Planted 3000 conifers trees in 6 refugees camps in Bar –Elias , Lebanon,
• Organized workshops about Child marriage and Violence against women in Bekaa and Akkar , and in Refugees camps in Bar- Elias
• Opening a public library in Bar Elias camp
• Workshops with FNF on the topic of gender violence in the refugees camps.
• Workshops for children ( Syrians and Lebanese ) about children rights
we opened 3  English classes for women ( TWE ) , a program in collaboration with the American Embassy in Beirut ( in the villages jib- jannine, Majdel Anjar and Beirut ) with municipalities as parteners 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We are looking to double our work and share ideas and workshops with other organizations, to be more effective inthe region especailly Bekaa valley where there is poverty and illitracy for women, we have a large community to work with, we are aiming for workshops for youth about conflict resolution and awarness against fanatics and war, to make an approach between different sections in villages of different religions and between different communities 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are aiming to be a member to activate our work, acquire new knowledge , share ideas and work on the same theme to improve our community and be a part of ALF work in the middle east, 

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Ms. Nawal Mdallaly
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Head of Association
Head of the organisation
Ms. Nawal Mdallaly
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Ms. Rabiha Hayeck
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Project Coordinator