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The Secondary Technical and Vocational Education Office of DRAMA

National Network: 
Diikitirio Dramas
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Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

1. The office of Secondary Technical and Vocational Education in Drama Greece is the Administration of seven technical-vocational schools having 140 teachers and 950 students.
2. The office doesn’t manage any money at all.
3. It is mainly funded by the Ministry of Education and Religions.
4. We have involvements in the past in the projects Leonardo and Comenius, twinnings with German, Finnish and Lithuanian schools and finally scholarships by the Scholarship Institution of the Greek Government. Psychology of young people is the seminar which took place last year.
5. Main partners are the staff of the office, the teachers of our schools and the Institutions of our Region of Technological Educational.

Mission and Objectives: 

• The first aim of the office of the Technical and Vocational Education is to contribute to the development of the spirit, cooperation, as well as the motivation of the communication.
• Improvement of teaching without technologically illiterated teachers.
• Marriage of technology with the training teaching and cultivation of grouping.
• Co-ordination of operation of school units
• Follow-up of matter of courses
• Action of training of teachers with meetings and seminars • Visits of museums and archaeological places.

Main Projects / Activities: 

• Organized Seminars entitled «Psychology of young people» with participation of the teachers of the seven schools we supervise
• Meetings of briefing and training of teachers on specialized issues and training process.
• participation in European program Leonardo entitled «appropriate use of new technologies promotes communicative competence in the classroom».
• participation in European program Comenious in a twinning-student exchange with German, Finnish and Lithuanian schools
• visits.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Masadis Christos
Head of the organisation: 
Tellidis Christos
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Tellidis Christos