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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Human rights
  3. Others
  4. Research
  5. Youth and education
General Information
Structure of the organization, including number of staff employed and: Slovene Philanthropy´s mission is carried out in three different centers: Centre for Development and promotion of Voluntary Work, Centre for Psychosocial Assistance to Refugees, and Centre for Promotion of Health. Each centre is running its own programs but all have been closely cooperating and interweaving their activities. No. of staff: 22. Budgetary resources available in a year 2009: 821.462 Eur. Orgnisation´s usual surce of funding: FIHO – Foundation for Finacing Disability and Humanitarina Organizations, European commission, Norwegian and EEA Finacial Mechanisms, Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs, Ministry of Interiaor, Ministry of Public Administration, ministry of Education and Sport, Municipality of Ljubljana, private donors, membership fees, publishing activity, own sources from services. Modalities of action: concrete projects, promotion, education, networking, advocacy, psychosocial assistance ... Main partners involved in the organisation´s projects/activities: voluntary organizations, organizations from the field of migration …
Mission and Objectives

Slovene Philanthropy is an independent, non-governmental, non political, non-profit organisation, established in 1992, with aim to developing and promoting different forms of humanitarian activities in Slovenia. Its objective is to encourage and pread volunteering and other charity work in social field by developing programs of voluntary work, by promoting volunteering through training and educating volunteers, organizers and mentors of voluntary work, raising public awareness on voluntary work and developing the network of voluntary organizations throughout Slovenia. Care for social security of citizens and legal protection of vulnerable social groups are important activities of the association as well.
Centre for Psychosocial Assistance to Refugees was established in 1994 under the umbrella of Slovene Philanthropy. The main project activities of the centre are: guardianships for separated children, monitoring of reception conditions for asylum-seekers in Slovenia, integration programs for refugees and other migrants …

Main Projects / Activities

- Dissemination and developing of voluntary work in Slovenia,
- Projects for asylum seekers and refugees (psychosocial assistance, advocacy, learning assistance, organising of events …),
- Projects for separated children (guardianship, learning assistance, organising of activities, advocacy …),
- Advocacy for migrant workers,
- Programs tailored to young migrant integration,
- Film festival: On the road,
- Training and education activities for volunteers and experts,
- Health centre for people without health insurance,
- Voluntary work in hospitals,
- Promotion of sexual and reproductive health,
- Global education and development cooperation.

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Franci Zlatar
Head of the organisation
Tereza Novak