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General Information
Society and Safety Foundation is established in 2014 and its founders are the members of Trade Union Federation of the employees in the Ministry of Interior. The reasons for the establishment of the Foundation are:   The founders of the Society and Safety Foundation, PERSUADED that the Bulgarian society needs a serious discussion and more information about security and safety issues, the role of law enforcement in the prevention and detection of crimes, the need to analyze and change our attitudes and behavior in different emergencies and our active participation in the process of decision-making and policy-making regarding our security and safety, MOTIVATED by the need of employees in law enforcement institutions to be involved and to participate actively in civic initiatives and the need to increase their knowledge and skills to work with civil society, BELIEVING that providing security and safety for all can be achieved mainly through more education, training and motivation of the people to participate and improve the security service, UNDERSTANDING the security service as guaranteeing the rights, freedoms, security and welfare of all citizens, society and the state, CONVINCED that in the definition of the "security" must be involved citizens, employees in the Security Sector, institutions and social service providers and the work for improvement of its quality to in partnership with them, ASSUMING that not the state institutions, but civil society organizations have a leading role in this to make people active, to identify problems in the security sector and to request changes which will improve both- the Security Sector and every citizen’s protection, RESOLVED to work to bring different sectors and social groups together, to increase security and safety of citizens of the Republic of Bulgaria and asking all who are sharing our ideals, to join our efforts, We founded the Society and Safety Foundation as organization in public interest.
Mission and Objectives

The Foundation is Managed by Board and Director. The Board Members are 5 persons who are working in Ministry of Interior /MoI/ and are guaranteeing the connection with and the access to the MoI's employees for the realization of all activities. 
At the moment only the Director is employed, but it has more than 10 volunteers who are supporting all activities. 
The budget of the Foundation for 2015 is 25 000 lev / 12 500 euro/, but additional financing is expected from donations and projects. 
Main source of funding is Trade Union Federation of the Employeed in the Ministry of Interior / TUFEMI/ which as founder planned in its own budget costs for the period 2015-2016 which is estimated period the Foundation to become indipendent and all financial mechanisms for its sustainability to be developed. The Foundation is focused on development of social services, project development and development of CSR. 
The Foundation's obhectives are: 
1. To raise the  awareness  among the citizens that the quality of "security" service depends on the actions and omissions of each citizen of the Republic of Bulgaria.
2. To create effective institutionalized model that ensures the participation of citizens in the reform of the Ministry of Interior and the institutions that provide the "security" services.
3. To change the citizens' attitudes  towards the Ministry of Interior's workers and to create a relations of mutual trust and partnership.
4. To create social infrastructure at local, regional and national level, allowing communication and partnership between citizens, workers in the Ministry  of Interior and representatives of stakeholders for the preparation and monitoring of local strategies for public order and security.
5. To establish a successful model by which employees who have left the system in the Ministry of Interior to transmit and share their knowledge and skills with the people who are new for the system.
The long-term aim of the Foundation is the Security Sector to be Reformed with participation of the citizens, because they are obliged to provide the security service in accordance with citizens' needs from security and safety.  
The Foundation is working with Trade Union Federation ogf the Employees in the Ministry of Interior, it is selected in program for mentorship of Bulgarian Centre for Non-Profit Law. It is working as well with Global Initiative in Pchychiatry, Smart Foundation etc. 
The Foundation is applying for membership in Forum civic participation and it is expected to be accept as member in 1-2 months. 

Main Projects / Activities

The activities which are realizing are:
1. Measuring the sense of personal security and safety, identifying the models to deal with risky situations and confidence in law enforcement institutions. The survey will allow the attitudes of citizens and local authorities to be compared and a concrete actions to be taken for decreasing of personal insecuriy.
2. Conducting of regional forums on the topic: "Security: shared or misunderstood responsibility?" which aim are to identify good practices at local and regional level for increacing the citizens' safety and work with different groups - minority, disabled, refugees, victims of domestic violence etc. The hidden goal of the forums is the concept for the security service to be discussed and the measures which need to be taken to meet citizens' needs.
3. Representing the concept for security service in European Parliament and discussing the neccessary actions at European level. The presentation was on 15 April 2015 in European Parliament, together with the Iliyana Iotova - Vice - Chair of the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs, who presented the situation with the refugees and challenges to the Europe, and the President of the European Police Union - Gerrit Van de Kamp  who shared the necessaryty the minimum standarts for police officers' equipment, trainings and payment to be accepted at European level. 
4. Realizing small initiatives for establishment of  good relations between police officers, firefighters, rescuers and citizens  - the first initiative were realized on 31 December 2014 when all flawless drivers recieved gifts from the police officers in 4 regions in Bulgaria- the police officers said to the drivers "Thank you are responcible for your  and our lives". The second initiative were realised on 1 March 2015 when on the Border checkpoint Kalotnina were given traditional souvenirs to all citizens crossing Bulgarian border. The next initiative will be on 1 June 2015 and the brochures and chocolates will be given to all choldren and their parents. The brochures concist with tips to all parents and children  how to be safer and more secure.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

The Society and Safety Foundation is unique for Bulgaria organization which aim is to meet people's need for security and safety with workers'  point of view and together to change the security sector in accordance with the real needs of citizens, not only of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU. 
The Society and Safety has access to approximately 7 000 workers in MoI. 400 workers in prisons and oved 25 NGOs.  The concept for safety as need and the neccessarity integrated policies to be accepted is also unique and can be used from all ALF's members. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

One of the One of the main reasons we want to be part of the network is the ability to work in partnership with organizations from 42 countries and be part of the unique union for the Mediterranean. We believe that the security and safety of citizens is a priority and we want to share our experience and expertise with network members and to hear their views on how to make the citizens of our countries safer and more secure about themselves and their own relatives.

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Iliya Kuzmanov
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Chairman of the Board
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Iliya Kuzmanov
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Radostina Yakimova
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