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Private Company
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  1. International/Cultural relations
General Information
Sparkpro is an organization specializing in developing, building, development and operation of educational social projects for students and young people aged 18-35 with a focus on an international connection. Our budget comes from private donations, governmental sources,partnerships, local and international fundraising, local authorities, international fundraising for designated projects. Most of our activities are international projects and exchanges. Staff - CEO,Senior Project Manager,Project manager, 12 volunteers every year (students)in Israel,2 project managers in Poland. Our main partners - British Council, Polish Institute, Raveh Ravid Fund, TSKZ Poland,JDC Israel, Nes Ammim International Dialogue Center,other organizations.
Mission and Objectives

One of our main goals is the exposure of young people around the content of national and international importance around various social subjects.
Multicultural dialogue, conflict management, dealing with stereotypes, developing mutual understanding between peoples, expansion of the historical and social knowledge, social development projects with wide significant community impact, building a quality network and active young people are just some of the issues and challenges those we lead.

Main Projects / Activities

1.Living Bridge Israel Poland - the dialogue between young people and students between ages 18-30 from both of nations. The project is about to break the steriotypes, to build a relationships of trust and understanding.
2. Active Citizens - an international project of the British Council that we manage and operate in Israel. More that 30 different social projects in Jewish, Arab and Druze communities.
3. Managing of 18 young adults centers at North of Israel.
4. International Leadership Programs - in Israel, Poland, UK.
5. Human Rights project together with a Refugee Forum of Salford,UK.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Experience, connections, facilities and any other kinds of ideas and cooperation. We are open for interesting and meaningful projects

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We already were a part of ALF. We think that a network is very useful, while there are many important organization from all the world who are taking part in it. As an international organization we feel that we can contribute many things from our experience, learn many things from our colleagues and make fruitful cooperation and collaborations.

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Vera Korsonsky
Head of the organisation
Boaz Yardeni
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Boaz Yardini