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Jabal Amman, 2nd Circle, St. Zaid Bin Harethah, Building Number 48, 1st Floor
Amman 11181
+962 777252052
+962 6 5528 125
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Mobile Phone: 
+962 777252052
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Mohammad AlNasser +962 788 615 620
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

"Tajalla" it is a non-profit association, non- governmental, but registered under the supervision of Ministry of Culture in Jordan. "Tajalla" board consist of seven members, and so many volunteers, for being new in the field, we still have no source of fund. The funding for the time being is only through own founders’ fund (board members). So kindly, find below a brief about Tajalla members. Russol AlNasser: President worked on many stations that started as teaching music, artistic management for live events, Program consultant at Jerash International festival for Arts & Culture, board member at "Al Balad Theater", producer and director at ART TV, managing director at Rum Tareq Al Nasser group for 15 years. Ghyia Irshedat: Founder Member Film-scorer, composer and pianist with compositions and soundtracks performed locally and internationally. Holds the BA, LRSM, & DEM degrees in musicology and performance, Ex-Program Manager at "Al-Balad" theater. Huda Qwasmi: Vice President Marketing Expert. Mohammed Al Nasser: General Secretary Lawyer masters degree holder in intellectual property Abdalla khaldi : Board Member Co founder and creative "Basha" at the Arab Independent online music store and Ex-CEO of online music streaming website Bandoora.Com, a musician, and a hip hop artist. Salma zakria: Treasurer Customer service at Global Investment House-Jordan, artistic social and political initiatives activist. Rand Wahbe Architectural and artistic social and political initiatives activist, ended a bachelor's degree from the University of Jordan in the field of architecture 2009.

Mission and Objectives: 

Our Mission: To ingrain the artistic and musical culture, to raise the public artistic perception, to resolve arts straits in Jordan, focus of genuine artistic visions that are worth to be supported, and to really actuate theatre stages in Amman and provinces to create art history for audience. and provinces to create art history for audience. Our Objectives: -Commitment towards creating a factual musical arts environment to generate a cultural and sensible history for emerging musicians and the public audience. -Planning events basically to enhance the artistic concepts, and creating an outlet for both artists and audience, by inviting and hosting “quality” performances to Jordan, periodic and random schedules. -Establishing a factual, balanced and mature form of fund, based on the serious crucial need to provide financial and proper support for local musicians. -Networking between government and private institutions, and draw the attention to the meaning of cultural movement in society and the role that such networking could contribute for both parties. -To work harder on provinces for a better integration within the cultural and arts movement.

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Objects of Music : Establishing a recurrent, live and open music lab by creating a long term partnership with a brilliant musician "from Australi" by conducting a number of workshops with musicians, children and audio technicians by making musical instruments out of very simple and natural objects with diverse cultures and musical traditions, aiming to enrich the musical knowledge and awareness for the Audience and participants. - Radio Music Program: A weekly musical show, where a narrator will surf the listeners through different tracks of music of different genres, the smooth narrative transition between tracks will tell their stories, their cultural-historical backgrounds, followed by a simple musical analysis, all in a modest street man chat dialogue. The show will be prepared and produced by musicians and music experts who will put their experiences in the most relaxed and simple form in order to serve the cause of this project in deepening the popular understanding of music, the show will be a combination of (Music info, social, fun, Local spirit, world musical heritage as well as modern European, Arab and international music) therefore a listener who would follow the program for a while would conceive a deeper knowledge and understanding of the broadcasted tracks (how they were made, what were the popular reactions, certain relevant historical events…etc). - Elwatar Hassas: "Musical Statements" about the present future, it's Music Video Production & Live Performance In our troubled region everybody had a say and everyone made a statement what happened in our region these days. * Please note that we are still working in previous projects. * Please do not hesitate to write or more info and clarification about any project above.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Due to our comprehensive experience, understand our society, basically, the need to enhance the concepts of Music and Arts culture through different channels, such as live concerts, workshops, television and radio shows, that are programmed and undertaken at ease, fulfilling what it should aim to. We are trying to change our cultural sector for the place it should be ; For the artists, they deserve more opportunities to know their substances, develop their projects, ideas and present themselves in a professional way. The society must begin to accept "artists" as a profession and having real artistic experiences not only in Amman "the capital", also other cities "which need more effort to work on". As for the audience, they need to experience what new and different, but not bizarre for them so they can interact with. The institutions in both private and public sectors need to know the importance of their roles in this movement, and the importance of the movement itself.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Convergence between our goals and ALF's and the presence of many common denominators

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Russol Al Nasser
Head of the organisation: 
Russol Al Nasser
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Mohammad AlNasser

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