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General Information
Structure of the organisation  “Tür an Tür” is a registered society and has considerable experience of European Union Programmes including transnational projects to improve the integration of migrants into society and into the labour market, with a focus on the recognition of foreign qualifications. Furthermore the focus is on measures for networking, intercultural learning, life-long learning, international understanding and on volunteer working. Experience in the following programmes:  EQUAL, INTI, XENOS, Leonardo, Grundtvig Number of staff employed: 35
Mission and Objectives

To enhance the integration of people with a migration background into society and into the labour market.

Main Projects / Activities

Co-ordination of the project “MigraNet”  www.migranet.org. This is a network for the structural reorganization for migrant vocational integration.
MigraNet cooperated also in the network MEET (Migrants Employment Empowerment Training). The main objective of MEET was to improve labour market access for migrants. Responsible for the transnational partnership MEET. Coordination of the transnational working group “Awareness raising, promotion of positive images of migrants”- Tür an Tür” was co-ordinating the transnational working group on the theme “Awareness raising- promotion of positive images of migrants” with the main focus on developing strategies for a change in public opinion regarding migrants from deficit-orientated to resource-orientated.
Together with 5 EU partners development of the media campaign “Recognition now!” A campaign to change the public view on migrants from deficit to positive / resource orientated (Films, Cinema-Spots, posters, booklet)  www.recognition-now.de
INTI: Co-ordination of the project IMPACT: Integrating migrants through the provision of adaptability and competence training. The project aimed to address high rates of unemployment among particular groups of third-country nationals legally residing in the EU. The partners have been from Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and UK.
XENOS: Co-ordination of the BAFV I and BAFV II project (right to stay programme - Labour market integration for Asylum seekers and refugees)
SaviAV: Transnational network (Social inclusion and vocational integration of Asylum Seekers and Victims of human trafficking)

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Anne Güller-Frey
Head of the organisation
Stephan Schiele, Reiner Erben
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Stephan Schiele