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Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation

National Network: 
Kazinczy utca 10. H-1075
+ 36 20 976 5252
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Board: 8 members
Executive Management: 1 member
Assistant: 1 member
Educational Team: 12-15 members(volunteers)
Budgetary resources available: national and international sources
Modalities of action: concrete projects
Main partner: Haver foundation, Budapest, Hungary

Mission and Objectives: 

Uccu foundation intends to help a better understanding of Roma minority, to get to know about cultural and identity diversity, to develop critical thinking, to reveal prejudice and discriminatory thinking among students between the age of 14-18.
Uccu Foundation offers educational packages and modular educational activities mainly to secondary school students. Each Uccu educational activity lasts 90 minutes and uses the technic of informal education and teaching.
One of the main aspect of the program is the opportunity for personal meetings and dialogue, so these occasions in the schools are always moderated by two young Roma volunteers. Often the reason of prejudical thinking is the lack of personal experience and information.
Our hypothesis is that the chance to personal meetings between Roma and non- Roma young adults could break down walls and widen their thinking about minorities.

Main Projects / Activities: 

With the participation of the volunteer team, we have developed an educational 90 minutes module to be offered in schools.
Uccu conducts educational activities mainly in secondary schools offering it’s educational package: To be a gipsy! – Roma identity modul, aiming to break down discriminatory thinking and prejudices against the Roma community.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Flora Laszlo

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