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United Network of Young Peacebuilders

National Network: 
Laan van Meerdervoort 70
2517 AN, The Hague
+31 (0)70 364 7799
+31 (0)70 362 2633
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

The United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY Peacebuilders) is a global network of young people and youth organisations active in the field of peacebuilding. Our main areas of action are networking, training, empowerment for action/support to youth projects, campaigning and advocacy, and practical research on the role of youth in peacebuilding.
UNOY Peacebuilders is a non-political, non-religious, non-governmental organisation that welcomes youth peace initiatives/ organisations and young peacebuilders regardless of gender, ethnicity, social class, religion, or any other distinction.
The main sources of funding are Oxfam Novib, European Youth Foundation, Youth in Action as well as Dutch Foundations.
The projects range from training seminars, toolkits, conferences etc.

Mission and Objectives: 

Our Vision:
Youth committed to building together a world in which peace, justice, solidarity, human dignity and respect for nature prevail.
Mission Statement:
To link up young people’s initiatives for peace in a global network of young peacebuilders, to help empower their capacities and to help increase the effectiveness of their actions.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Core activities
Capacity Building
* Enhancing the ability of youth and youth organisations to engage in peacebuilding efforts on local, regional and/or global level.
* Promoting and sharing of knowledge and experiences within the UNOY network and members.
Advocacy and Campaigning
* Promoting partnerships of young people with decision-taking and policy-making agents.
* Campaigning for a Culture of Peace and promoting the UN International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, 2001-2010.
Supporting activities
* Developing and strengthening global and regional networks of young peacebuilders.
* Fostering communication and sharing of experiences thorough face-to-face meetings and online tools.
Sharing of information
* Providing access to relevant information for members and young people.
* Providing information about inspiring examples, good practices, training, exchange and funding opportunities, up-dates on activities and developments in the field of youth work and peacebuilding.
Advice and support through a pool of resource persons
* Upon request, resource persons advice and assist members and the secretariat in the implementation of projects
* Researching the role of youth in peacebuilding and related areas.
* Collecting and evaluating data and selecting best practices of youth work in peacebuilding.
* Supporting possible activities and the running of the office in The Hague.
Administrative support
* Supporting the work of the network through data-base maintenance.
The members of UNOY Peacebuilders are active in one or more of the below fields:
* Conflict Transformation
* Peace Education
* Traditional Methods/ Culture and Religion
* Young Women Building Peace
* Youth Advocacy
* Child Related Issues
* Human Rights
* Others (HIV/Aids, Child Soldiers, Small Arms, et cetera)

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Lillian Solheim
Head of the organisation: 
Wout Visser
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Menno Ettema

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