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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. International/Cultural relations
  3. Media
  4. Religion
  5. Youth and education
General Information
VisMedNet Association is a non-profit organisation of professionals in the field of project management, training and research in education, youth, employment and culture. The members come from various professional backgrounds and they cover most of the 27 Eu members states. VisMedNet has 8 founder members and a pool of 30 members from EU countries and the numbers are growing at a steady pace. Presently in its first year of activity VisMedNet Association has a budgetary resource of 50.000, euro per year that comes from various funded projects and a number of small private financial supporters that are helping the association start up its activities with sound financial backing. The main activities of the Association at the moment are the setting up an innovative EU joint publishing platform for educators and youth leaders, involvement in EU and cross border cooperation activities in the field of youth and intercultural initiatives.
Mission and Objectives

The main objective of the Association is to bring together professionals from various disciplines directly or indirectly related to the fields of education, culture and media production in order that they explore ideas and pool resources, experience and energies turning concepts into fruition. The subsidiary objectives of the Association are : a) to offer project management, research, publishing and design work to organisations that are involved in education, culture and media projects, b) to offer support to other entities in the preparation of project proposals through any step from concept to final proposal be it for financial support or for the purpose of carrying out feasibility studies or dry runs on projects, c) to carry out negotiations and summons activities in the process of the formation of consortia of organisations that participate in proposals for multi partner and / or cross border cooperation activities, d) to generate a network of cooperative partners that will in the medium term become permanent partners of the Association, e) to set up a permanent infrastructure geared to become a permanent base of professionals that will form a team apt to take the Association into its own position in consortia and become a primary actor in international cooperation activities. f) to carry out all services and activities that are directly part of or ancillary to any of the above actions.

Main Projects / Activities

VisMedNet is the result of consolidation from two Comenius Networks and is therefore exploiting the outputs and results of four years of activities that the members have worked on together in the two networks. It is active in the field of use of audiovisual production in education, internationalisation of schools, intercultural education and youth leadership. It has its own training programme that covers topics like the getting youths to speak about human rights, the internationalisation of education through mobility and the use of innovative teaching practices with the scope of broadening the vision of students in secondary schools. VisMedNet is working with the RICK'S cafe network to introduce new management models for schools that help students, teachers, school management and communities have a global view of social and educational developments happening around them.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We wish to bring into our local network our major resource which is a long life of experience and a wide ranging spectrum of views of our members and of the networks we already form part of. We would like to have the opportunity to learn from the experience of other members of the network in their experience with Mediterranean exchange and dialogue.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

VisMedNet shares the philosophy of Anna Lindh Foundation in the use of dialogue and exchange between teachers and students, between youth leaders and youths. We believe we have an EU wide contribution of experience to dialogue in the Mediterranean and we possess the necessary in-house know how in project management and concepts development in the area. We wish to increase our network with present members of Anna Lindh Foundation because we can see that this will give us the opportunity to speak with the right interlocutors about issues like immigration, changes in social texture and democracy that are very much an issue at the moment all around the Mediterranean basin.

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Joseph Tanti
Head of the organisation
Joseph Tanti
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Angela Tabone