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women for life

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: +972-599187413
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: +972-595630026
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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information: 

Organisational structure :
WFL is organised as follows: a general assembly consisting of 9 members, the director, the deputy director, the treasurer, the secretary and four other assemblies. WFL employs 9 full-time employees, and 6 part-time employees. WFL’s staff consists of lawyers, social workers, administrators, and 10 volunteers students from the University of Al-Quds Open University.
WFL makes effort to strengthen its relationship with local, regional, and international organizations that are involved in developing human rights and women’s rights. This cooperation is very important in order to facilitate spreading the organization’s vision, mission, and activities.
This also contributes to share the experience through hosting and coordinating activities and support in the marginalized areas such as Salfeet and Qalqilia. WFL always works to consolidate its social, legal, institutional relationships with the local community institutions in Salfeet and Qalqila province such as (municipalities - associations - police – courts – and the people, those considered as the final beneficiaries that receive WFL’s services).
At the governmental level, WFL works with governmental bodies that have great influence in women’s issues. WFL has strong cooperation with the ministry of social affairs and women’s affairs in relation to women’s situation in marginalized areas which suffer from poverty and lack of security, besides women’s cases of personal status issues such as divorce and alimony.
WFL works also with court officials (civil and Sharia’ courts), judges ,lawyers and social workers in relation to legal and social services that are provided to women. We also keeps strong relations with police officers in both Salfit and Qalqilia provinces in order to partner in protecting women victims of violence on sensitive cases.
WFL has cooperative relation with other ministries such as Ministry of Culture and Arts; it offered WFL many projects related to culture for children and women such as “Music School” for teaching children playing on different musical instruments. Furthermore, WFL participates in every gallery or festival run by it, and WFL also run Al-Hayat Festival which was funded by this Ministry.
At the cultural level, WFL keeps in touch and cooperation with the cultural institutions that help in implementing the third WFL’s program “ Roses Against Occupation “ which aims to develop youth and children creativities and improve their skills in various aspects such as media, music, and professional skills. These institutions such as Shams Center, Ata’ Association, Jozoor for Development Community, Folk Art Center, Edward Said Institute.
Regarding cooperation with other NGOs organizations which believe in women’s rights and support human rights, we have some partnerships with Women Actions for a Nonviolent future, Working Women's Society, Bible Society, Palestinian women's movement, Al-Najdah developmental Association, Democracy and Labor Rights Center, and (WCLAC) Women's Center for Legal Aid and Counseling, which is our financial and administrative supporter providing us with capacity building.
WFL is a member in child’s protection network, members in the Palestinian National committee (consists of many NGOs institutions), members in Coordination Committee to transfer violated women’s cases on the national level. This committee includes the civil and governmental institutions. WFL also Part of the Popular Campaign against the Apartheid Wall, and a member of the psychosocial support group.
Finally, WFL keeps tight relations and partnership with donors. Since 2004 it developed more than 9 relations with different donors showing transparency and accuracy in the work in all projects. WFL has good, sustainable relations with The Global Fund for Women, NGO Development Center, and Palestinian communication foundation, Drossos Foundation, Arab Fund Development for Women, UNIFEM, and the Australian Consulate.
WfL’s key achievements:
1. WFL is the key society work to provide legal and social services to women in general and violated women in particular
2. Restoring two old buildings to use them for the administrative and training activities
3. Building another headquarter in Dear Ballout village.
4. Providing permanent gallery for women’s productions used for marketing
5. Building strong partnerships with the national and international donors
6. Finding the first musical school m which is considered as the first and the only one in the region with cooperation with Edward Saed Institute
7. Participating in the local and national galleries and festivals
1. WFL is a member of psychosocial support group
2. members of the NGO’s National Assembly( many NGOs institutions form an alliance)
3. member of child protection network
4. Member in the popular cambaign for struggling against the wall
5. Member in the transferring proceadures system related to WCLAC and Jozoor organizations
6. Member in the General union for the charitable societies
7. Member in PNGON
8. Member in the cultural and consultant committee in Salfeet governorate
9. Member in Tawasol Project
10. Member in Takamol project for transferring cases of violated women

Mission and Objectives: 

Women for Life’s vision is of an independent Palestinian state and a society based on principles of democracy, equality and justice, where women are empowered and their rights are protected.
Women for Life works primarily to counter gender-based violence, to aid women victims of violence and to assist women who have suffered from negative Israeli occupation practices. WFL provides legal and social services to these women, seeks to build the capacity of state institutions to support these women and educates communities on women’s rights and gender equality through awareness-raising programmes. Furthermore, WFL strives to economically and politically empower Palestinian women through the provision of workshops aimed at developing the relevant practical skills.
Need to look at WFL’s mission statement in Arabic with Faten as the original English version is not clear. The first priority for “Women for Life” is to assist the women victim of violence particularly, and the women in general and to work with the women in Salfit county to create a society free from violence against women and children. “WFL” is insisting to create changes that it could be get to build strong women has the authorization to demand for their secure , rights in education , access to work, legal marriage age , rights to vote in elections, and give her the rights to participate in the political decisions
Strategic Objectives:
1. To contribute to the prevention and elimination of violence against women.
2. To build women's self-capacities to achieve self-reliance.
3. To activate women's role and participation in political work.
4. To build the organisational capacities of WFL in order to achieve self-sufficiency and sustainability

Main Projects / Activities: 

1. Providing legal and social services:
In order to address the increasing problem of violence against Palestinian women, WFL provides legal and social services to women victims of violence and targets state services such as police officials to better assist violated women. WFL also provides legal representation to attain women’s rights, and runs awareness-raising workshops on gender equality.
2. Building women’s self-capacities to become economically self-sufficient:
WFL runs several workshops aimed at developing women’s business acumen and professional skills to increase employment prospects amongst women. Local women learn artisan crafts in order to acquire specialist skills, alongside being educated in marketing and project management techniques.
3. Developing life-skills and building capacities in Palestinian youth:
This programme aims to expand children’s life-skills by engaging them in workshops and activities which encourage them to be creative, active and open-minded. WFL has links with several cultural institutions that provide opportunities for youth to develop their arts and professional skills.
4. Strengthening and empowering women’s political role:
To ensure that women are well-represented and participative in Palestine’s political arena, WFL educates and trains women to participate in public forums and conferences and seeks to develop women leaders on a local and national level

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

by presenting your activities and work in our region, communicate with other institutions in our country which are also members in the network, providing our reports and use our resources to implement the shared activities with one similar goal

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Women for life society would be faithful to join your network to know more about human rights in order to support women in Palestine in the legal aspects.Women for Life is one of the only organisations committed to helping women victims of violence and to advocating women’s rights in the Salfit and Qalqilya regions of the West Bank in the OPT.

These areas are considered to be marginalised as a result of the Israeli occupation.because of this, we always try to seek fund from the donors to continue our activities in supporting women in general and women who exposed to violence in particular.

WFL also seeks to be members in the national and international networks in order to strengthen itself by being a member in these strong institutions members in the same networks, this could benefit us and learn from your experiences to support our experiences and to have new partners in the international countries. WFL will be proud to be a member in your network

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Fatma Assi
Head of the organisation: 
Fatma Assi
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Reem Iftaih

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