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Women's Spirit

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mailing adress: 3 tweifel st.
Tel Aviv
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

Women's Spirit is an Israeli non-profit organization which aims to promote women victims of violence from an unsafe state of victimhood into a state of personal and financial independence.
Our days, 350 women victims and 300 volunteers participate in Women's Spirit's variety of programs, during which each woman participant takes part in one or more of the followings: employment workshops, personal occupational coaching, individual occupational mentoring and special skills workshops (computers, English).
Other Women's Spirit activities include a special program for women living in shelters for battered women, budget management courses and a business women forum.
The Women's Spirit organization is comprised of 11 workers, including the CEO. The organization's budget is based on donations from private and governmental funds, annual fund raising events and 'in kind' donations.
Women's Spirit main partners include business women, local businesses and business owners, municipal authorities, local women aid organizations and hundreds of volunteers.

Mission and Objectives: 

Women's Spirit has three main objectives:
a.Making a change in society, through promoting legislation benefiting women victims of violence in the employment market, and raising public awareness in the labor market and in society to women victims of violence’s financial state and to society's responsibility to take action on behalf of women victims of violence.
b.Providing women victims of violence with efficient tools to achieve financial independence and self-reliance, and to place them in long-term positions that are appropriate to their skills and career ambitions.
c.Development of a supportive infrastructure within the labor market and the business world, in order to promote women victims of violence's opportunities in the employment market and to remove structural barriers facing them in their struggle to achieve financial independence.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Standing their ground - Women's Spirit operates this unique program aimed at promoting women victims of violence's financial independence while providing each woman with her own individual program, suited to her unique circumstances and needs. The program is designed to allow women victims of violence to rebuild their sense of self-worth and to motivate them to change their personal and professional life:
Employment direction process – individual intake session and a group workshop meant to realize each participant needs and career aspirations.
Support Measures – each participant takes part in one of the three:
1. Career development workshop. 2. Individual occupational coaching. 3. Individual mentoring meetings.
Development of employment skills – each woman participates in advanced training according to her individual career plan – computer skills, English, etc.
Implementation of the career plan - each participant integrates in one out of the two: 1) into the employment market. 2) Into Micro business development program.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Women's Spirit has developed a unique model to assist women victims of violence to create a change in their life and to reach financial independence. This model has shown high rates of success as over 70% of the women who enter the Women's Spirit program found honorable and sustainable work.

Within the framework of the ALF network, our organization can contribute to other organizations from the knowledge and experience that comes from working closely with victims of violence in rebuilding their lives, recruiting community members and local business women and men to the cause and raising awareness to the issue.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We in Women's Spirit acknowledge the issue of violence against women as a global problem, crossing different nations and cultures.

In our experience, there is a strong link between violence against women and financial dependence, which makes this issue a social and national concern – more than a personal one.
In order to overcome such a complicated phenomenon it's crucial to raise awareness and recruit all branches of society – individuals, businesses and governmental authorities. This can be done by the spread of knowledge on this matter, investing in education and the development of programs that would put an end to reoccurring violence against women.

The ALF recognizes the strength of a network in the efforts to create social and cultural change. We in Women's Spirit agree with this notion and believe that joining the ALF network can yield great opportunities for cooperation with other organizations – both in Israel and abroad.

Such cooperation's immediately expand our resources and allow for cross fertilization with the exchange of knowledge and experience between the different organizations.

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Michal Gilad
Head of the organisation: 
Maki Neaman
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Tamar Ben-Hanan

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