YEDID – The Association for Community Empowerment

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P.O. Box 53151
Jerusalem 91531

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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information
1. YEDID runs Citizen Rights Centres in 20 disadvantaged communities throughout Israel. YEDID has 28 full-time and 60 part-time staff members, and 1,000 volunteers. 2. YEDID’s 2006 Budget is $1,994,545. 3. YEDID’s funding comes primarily from foundations, Jewish Federations, and individual donors in Israel, North America, and Europe. 4. YEDID provides free legal and social assistance at our Centers. YEDID also implements community empowerment programs, such as the following: Family budget management training; Employment readiness training; Women’s economic and social empowerment; community organizing; dropout prevention for new immigrant youth. 5. YEDID collaborates with local and national non-profit and government/municipal agencies, but does not have official partners.
Mission and Objectives

YEDID (“friend” in Hebrew) was established in 1997 to promote social justice in Israel through a national network of Citizen Rights Centers in poor communities throughout Israel. YEDID is the only national organization in Israel that empowers Israelis to break the cycle of poverty through free individual legal and social assistance, community education initiatives and grassroots organizing for social change. Since its founding, YEDID has served over 130,000 low-income Israelis from across the spectrum of Israel’s multicultural society.

Main Projects / Activities

In eight years, through its 14 Citizen Rights Centers and 6 Satellite Offices, YEDID has had a significant impact upon communities and citizens from Dimona to Kiryat Shmona. In 2005 YEDID provided real solutions to the pressing problems of nearly 35,000 Israelis. The most frequent cases involved education, housing, employment, healthcare, and debt. YEDID has developed a range of community-based educational programs designed to empower community members and give them the tools to be active and effective members of society. In recognition of YEDID’s expertise in working with low-income communities, many municipal offices have commissioned YEDID to design programming for their clients.

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Sari Revkin, Executive Director
Head of the organisation
Sari Revkin, Executive Director
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Rebecca France, Director of Development