Young Entrepreneurs Palestine (YEP)

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Non-Governmental Organization
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Fields of Activity
  1. Gender
  2. Youth and education
General Information
Structure: member-based NGO with general assembly, board and staff. Staff includes two project coordinators, one program development officer, one part-time accountant, one admin, plus two field coordinators. Budgetary resources vary depending on projects. Sources of funding: donors such as Ruwwad/USAID, UNDP, Friedrich Foundation, U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem, among others. Most of our projects consist of workshops, training, mentoring for young entrepreneurs, students, and young people wanting to start up their own business. We also organize the only national conference on entrepreneurship in Palestine, and work to promote entrepreneurship on a policy level. Our main partners are the same as our donors.
Mission and Objectives

To represent the interests of small businesses in the public arena and assist young Palestinian entrepreneurs to start up, expand and succeed in their business endeavors.
To create a vibrant, innovative and internationally competitive Palestinian culture of entrepreneurship and leadership that contributes to the economic and democratic development of Palestine.
YEP Goals
• To promote entrepreneurship among Palestinian micro, small and medium enterprises.
• To increase the number of Palestinian entrepreneurs adopting internationally competitive practices.
• To protect the welfare and interests of young entrepreneurs.
• To establish a constructive dialogue between YEP members and other civil society actors to enable knowledge transfer and idea exchange.
• To cooperate with professional bodies already active in Palestine to formulate a mutual and integrated vision for the future.
• To lobby for and advocate an enabling environment for private sector development and economic growth in Palestine.
• To support initiatives aimed at promoting Palestine on the international arena.

Main Projects / Activities

All YEP's activities aim to promote youth entrepreneurship. Current projects include a business incubation project for young university graduates starting up their own businesses; an internship program for youth; a microbusiness project for poor families; and a workshop and training series on entrepreneurship. Past projects included a women entrepreneurship project.

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Rebeccah Kaufmann
Head of the organisation
Hazem Kawasmi
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Arwa AbdelRahman