Youth and Environment Europe (YEE)

National Network
Czech Republic

Kubatova 1/32, Prague 10 - Hostivar 102 00

+420 271 750 643
+420 271 750 643
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Environment/Sustainable development
  2. Youth and education
General Information
Youth and Environment Europe (YEE) is a platform of many European youth organizations that study nature or are active in environmental protection. The member organizations come together from 28 countries. The main executive body of the federation is the Executive Board composed of young people from various European countries. The YEE Secretariat is based in Prague, Czech Republic and is composed of 3 full-time employed staff members and 2 EVS volunteers. All YEE activities are organized and carried out by young people under 30. YEE is financially supported by the European Commission (Youth in Action Programme, Lifelong Learning Programme, and Europe for Citizens Programme) and Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation. YEE is member of the following international organizations: European Environmental Bureau, European Youth Forum, CEEWEB, Taiga Rescue Network.
Mission and Objectives

YEE organizes and encourages all activities that can increase the knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature and the awareness of environmental problems among young people throughout Europe. Its aim is to promote the commitment of youth to the principles of environmental conservation and to stimulate young people’s voluntary action for the protection of nature, the enhancement of the environment and the sustainable use of the Earth's resources.
The aim of YEE is to encourage youth to be involved in environmental protection and to provide a platform where these organizations can work together. YEE also gives an opportunity to contact other European organizations, to exchange experiences and ideas and to work together.

Main Projects / Activities

YEE's European activities fall into two main areas:
1) supporting the work of the member organizations by promoting the widest possible exchange of information, ideas and experience among them, through publications and European projects - training courses, youth exchanges, seminars (e.g.: sustainable development, landscape management, ecology and economy, sustainable tourism, climate change, waste management, environmental education, etc.)
2) coordination of the activities of the member organizations by promoting direct cooperation between individuals on topics of mutual interest through European working groups and by organizing joint actions and campaigns on environmental issues of European importance (e.g. Sunny Campaign, Climate Campaign, Green Energy Go Campaign, Sustainability Campaign, Ozone Campaign, Healthy Food Campaign, etc.)

Contact (1) Full Name
Michal Ruman
Contact (2) Full Name
Adriana Harnuskova