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Zavod Krog (Institute Circle)

National Network: 
Beblerjeva 11, 6000 Koper
00386 41 401 619
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

In our organisation we don't have employed staff, instead that we have volunteers. Our budgetary resources is approximately 50.000 eur in 2009.
Funding sources: tenders and donation.

Mission and Objectives: 

The Institute is hereby established as an organisation for performing activities, as follow:
- defending the idea of an open society, the idea of tolerance and respect for diversity in Slovenia, in EU Member States and in other countries around the world,
- performing social programmes that contribute to the improvement of living conditions of people,
- performing all other programmes that contribute to the better social inclusion and decreasing the discrimination,
- operating in the field of the minority community’s culture of those that live in Slovenia,
- operating in the field of cultural projects of different minority ethnical communities and immigrants,
- organising public events, in purpose of the awareness among young people for cultural and spiritual values and in purpose of the encouraging responsibilities for the tolerance, peace, nature protection and cultural heritage,
- examining open issues of global and Slovenian society,
- attracting the public attention to difficulties of young people and cooperation in solving them, supporting and performing programmes of the European community that are aimed at young people.,
- supporting the development of the mobility of students and young people,
- supporting the multiculturalism,
- performing activities of information and counselling centre for children, young and older people,
- encouraging and performing actions in the field of the informal education, mobility of young people and youth tourism,
- encouraging and developing the voluntary work among children, young and older people,
- encouraging and organising recreational activities for children, and young and older people,
- offering material help to poor people and to people who are unable to work,
- effort and help at employment of unemployed persons and persons without any assets and they are capable to work,
- offering psycho-social help,
- protect an improve the psycho-social welfare of children in those areas, that were affected by wars, armed conflicts, terrorist attacks, natural and technical accidents and their unpleasant social circumstances,
- work in the field of the developmental cooperation and humanitarian help,
- cooperation at taking care of abandoned children and orphans,
- help to those persons, who had to leave their homes because of different reasons,
- with participation in actions of collecting material help and supply of persons, who found themselves in difficult situations because of elementary accidents or those persons, who are because of other reasons in social hardship or difficult economic circumstances
- spreading social awareness and ethnical norms of behaving,
- encouraging a healthy life and safe environment and also humane human relations,
- organising humanitarian help to children with special needs and to their families,
- encouraging and promotion of voluntary work, especially in the field of social care,
- protection and help to unprivileged groups of habitants in Slovenia and around the world, representing and implementation of their interests and spreading the tolerance,
- respect for human rights, solidarity, sustainable development and integration of vulnerable groups in decision-making processes in a context of the development cooperation,
- developing and spreading different shapes of a humanitarian performance,
- development and promotion of tourism in Slovenia,
- promotion of moral values,
- connecting and cooperating NGO on local, national and international level,
- development of civil society and non-governmental sector,
- strengthening the dialogue and a cooperation of habitants with governmental bodies, local governmental bodies and international institutions.
Activity shall be performed by an Institute especially:
- by organising specific courses, seminars, presentations and similar workshops, with producing publications threw different medias, by performing accompanying activities, by which the goal of performing the activity is not the generation the profit,
- by collecting donations and performing a concrete material help to individuals,
- by ensuring the moral and legal support to individuals in order to exercise their rights.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Rehabilitation of children from SE Europe and Slovenia
cultural projects of other ethnic groups from Slovenia
workshops with children

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Emina Hadzic

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