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Zelený Kruh (Green Circle)

National Network: 
Czech Republic
Lublanska 18, Praha 2
120 00 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 222 517 143
(+420) 222 518 319
Mobile Phone: 
+420 724 112 782
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. Green Circle is an association of 26 czech environmental NGOs. They built the general meeting which elects the Council of GC that has at present 5 members. The General Meeting also elects the Director of the Office of GC. Office of GC settles in Prague and has 5 employees – coordinator of information centre, coordinator of legislation centre, coordinator of the branch platform, leader of the office and director. 2. Budget: 2,7 mio. CZK 3. Sources: foundations, state resources (Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Information) 4. Legislation centre, information centre, publications, Aarhus convention, the branch platform, seminars. 5. Czech NGOs.

Mission and Objectives: 

The main goals of the Green Circle are: * the development of the civic sector in the field of environment * the strengthening of cooperation and communication of environmental organizations * public participation at the environmental policy making and at the implementation of environmental policy * growing of public awareness about the activities of environmental NGOs and current problems of environment

Main Projects / Activities: 

1.) Platform of Environmental NGOs is an open and informal communication network. Its goal is to facilitate and improve communication among non-governmental organisations and to support the creation of joint positions. 2.) Legislation Centre - common interest of NGOs is to be able to participate in the commenting procedures of draft bills and to ensure that the principles of the Aarhus Convention are applied in practice. 3.) Information Centre - GC collects and provides information on its members, runs the website promoting sustainable development and organises discussion meetings and informational campaigns. 4.) APEL series - series of expert studies.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Júlia Sokolovičová
Head of the organisation: 
Daniel Vondrouš