The city of Ptuj in Northeastern Slovenia celebrates the Mediterranean

A photo the Youth local band INSTRUMENTAL.KO who performed next of following musicians and bands: Ali R Taha, LAGANINA,  KUD ART URBANA, Mahmoud Al Khatib,

For the first time, the city of Ptuj in Northeastern Slovenia celebrated “the Mediterranean day” on 28.11.2022 as part of the Anna Lindh Foundation “Celebrating the Mediterranean”. 

We are delighted that we hosted such an important celebration in Ptuj, aiming for a more inclusive and decentralised approach to celebrations and important events to take place equally in cities with fewer opportunities. 

The Povod institute co-organized the concert in cooperation with Bodi centre, the Municipality of Ptuj and the outstanding musicians: Ali R Taha and Mahmoud Al-Khatib, and the musical school: INSTRUMENTAL.KO, and two bands: LAGANINI and KUD ART URBANA"  with a magical touch of poetry by Abir Al Jundi. 

The audience described the event as a reflection of our unity through the power of music. "We celebrated with excellent music, songs and poetry reflecting the richness of the artistic scene in the Mediterranean region."