Concert for the Day of the Mediterranean

Concert for the Celebration of the Mediterranean

The concert for the Celebration of the Mediterranean on May 21st in Rhodes was a great success. The event was organized by the "Medieval Rhodes" organization as part of the Pan-Mediterranean event coordinated by the Anna Lindh Foundation. The event was introduced by the president of the organization, Anna Achiola, and the president of the House of Europe in Rhodes, Michalis Kavouklis, who is also the coordinator of the focal point of the Greek network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, for the South Aegean and Crete.

The crowd of Rhodians who attended the event enjoyed the wonderful music that strongly conveyed the "fragrance" and "color" of Mediterranean cultures, in a unique natural environment that was utilized again after a long time. The songs and narratives captivated and enthralled the audience, who applauded the talented Rhodian artists participating in the ensemble.


If you missed the concert, you can now watch it on YouTube at the following link:


*Photo by Michael Heller