Goethe-Institut e.V.: THE ART OF STAYING MANY


The Fonds Darstellende Künste realizes nationwide forums at nine stations – with art, actions and debates. From Berlin, the journey leads to Leipzig and further on to Düsseldorf, Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Potsdam, Erfurt and Weimar on to Dresden. The mobile theater truck stops everywhere and becomes a platform, discourse space, movie theater and venue. In the process, it combines theater, festivals and independent performing arts production houses in these and numerous other cities in and outside of Germany. Panels, impulses, workshops, international performances and assorted meetings are an invitation to debate about art, freedom and democracy to explore current challenges, live with contradictions and confront oneself in a polyphonic exchange with the most urgent current task: the art of staying many. Everyone for themselves – and all together in heterogeneity, pluralism and acceptancy of our diverse society.

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