Good Practice of ALF LT Network Members

ALF Lithuania Network Members

We are happy to share an update on the good practices that ALF Lithuania Network Members applied recently. Please, find the pictures from the following recent activities we ran:


    Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum like everyone and every institution was hit unexpectedly by COVID 19 quarantine in Lithuania in 2019 spring. We had to learn a lot of new things and to do it immediately.

    Of course, the Museum suffered great losses, we lost our planned visitors, the newly opened exhibition dedicated to Eimuntas Nekrošius "The Square" remained almost unseen by the Museum visitors, because quarantine begun on the day of the planned opening and even after the end of the quarantine, people were still very careful. Facing the reality we decided to present the exhibition online, guided and in 360 degrees that visitor could have the possibility to experience the exhibition atmosphere at least a little bit.

  2. Association "AKTYVISTAI"  (ACTIVISTS) 

    Association "Activists" ran a 5-day online project "Human Above All" for professionals from Poland and Lithuania as well as 14 educational events during two weeks in Kaunas.


    The Samogitian Museum „Alka“ is increasingly cooperating in international projects. This year we have already finished 2 year (from 2018 to 2020) „Erasmus+ project: Raising awareness of cultural heritage through crafts“. There we have discovered how can we encourage more people to discover and become interested in cultural heritage. The second project that is still in progress is translation of the book „Telšiai Yizkor book“. In 2020, the year of Vilnius Gaon and Lithuanian Jewish history, in cooperation with the project partners Telšiai municipality, Lithuanian council for culture, Philip and Aldona Shapiro from „Remembering Litvaks Inc.“, David and Barbara B. from Hirschhorn Foundation, the Samogitian Museum "Alka" prepared and is currently implementing the project "Memorial book for the Jewish community of Telšiai.

  4. Create a Puppet, Create Yourself. Theatre for Social Integration

    New methodology working with people for their social integration. The targets may be from different background, different ages and cultures. We were working with the group of “women at a crossroad”- as we called their situation (unemployed, retired, looking for the way to recover after hard situations, to fill their lives with meaningful activities). Flexibility of the method, variety of techniques to use (theatrical etudes, psychodrama techniques, group building exercises, exercises boosting creativity) made the process challenging, interesting and fruitful both for trainers and for participants.  The trust in creativeness of participants led to reach surprising results in the looks of puppets, their characteristics and creating the etude as well.   

  5. New ALF member: Lithuania’s National Assembly of Active Mothers (NAMS) 

    The National Assembly of Active Mothers (NAMS – is an NGO and started fostering a more official dialogue with the Lithuanian government through participation in working groups. Today NAMS is one of the most active and important stakeholders representing the rights, issues and interests of Lithuanian families nationwide.

  6. Festival "LABAS! 2020" overcame the challenges and crossed virtual borders to bring children aged 0-6 a week of diverse activity online (and a little in person!) from 20-27 September in Lithuania.  We made a decision to try to use zoom for one purpose only - to be the portal by which the artist met the kids. We presented four types of experience.

    - Live interactive sessions - on the spot problems needing to be solved in a live session! (dance and theatre);
    Pre-recorded storytelling with arts activities which made the listening interactive, if not live. (storytelling and meditation for babies);
    Live stream performance - YouTube live experiences where the artists did not interact with children and the screen became the live stage for the children. (Music and Theatre performances from Belgium and Germany);
    - Workshops with the leader on screen (visual arts) and the children using the same materials as the artists.