Thanks to the team and all participants of Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, Debate Exchange Activities

Thank you

The German ALF-coordinator wants to thank all the participants and the entire team of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange activities!  ZAK, Centre for Cultural and General Studies at KIT, is proud to have successfully contributed as a third party to the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange programme from 2018 till 2020. The online Debate Exchange activity involved many young people from the Euro-Mediterranean region either as Debate Team Leaders or as Debate Participants. The most debated topics in this year were the impact of Covid-19, online learning, migration, human rights, racism, climate change, mental illnesses, artificial intelligence, and multiculturalism.

Overall, in 2020, Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange offered nine online debate cycles starting from February and ending in November 2020. In addition to the regular debate cycles, two Euro-Med Debate Online Competitions were organised in April and August 2020.

The Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange initiative was launched in 2018, with the aim to offer young people the opportunity to engage in an intercultural learning experience online. Three years later, we have fascinating stories, experiences, and insights to share.

At the #ErasmusVirtual closing event, #VirtualExchange experts, educators, youth workers and university staff are announcing findings, reflecting on lessons learned and celebrating the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange achievements. Please find the recordings of the final event here.