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Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS)

The Network Strategic Development Scheme (NSDS) is a mechanism designed by the Foundation to support the Networks in their mission by delegating to Head of Network Institutions/coordinators and/or member organisations the provision of services to Network members, and the implementation of the ALF programme at sub-regional, national and local level.

With the first phases of the NSDS in 2008-09 (Steps 1 and 2), the Foundation supported the logistical needs of 35 HoN Institutions with a total amount of 0.47million Euro. Networks were required to develop and adopt a Network Development and Action Plan and Network Internal Rules, following consultation and participation mechanisms. For the first time, the National Networks were requested to have clear institutional and planning instruments.

During Step 3, the Foundation invested in both operational and logistical support by allocating an amount of 0.825 million Euro to the benefit of 38 National Networks, implementing 35 Common Operations.

With a financial allocation of 1.025 million Euro for a period of 16 months, the Step 4 continued providing the Networks with the logistical and operational means to keep up and improve their efficiency, while focusing on the implementation of the Network Strategy 2010-2011. The four sub-objectives included the development of Common Operations, the consolidation of accountability of HoN Institutions, the follow-up to the Anna Lindh Forum 2010, and the dissemination of the ALF Report 2010.

Since the end of 2008, the NSDS has been therefore contributing to consolidating the emergence of a permanent support desk within the National Network, as well as of synergies and common strategies among active members of the same Network, or even among different National Networks working in the same thematic area.

In fact, the results achieved have been several and remarkable, including increased involvement of Network members in ALF programmes (around 43% of the total number of members in 2010 only); Network services delivered (among which, 165 between Network meetings and capacity-building trainings during Steps 3 and 4); and Common Actions organised (75 during Steps 3 and 4).

For more information on the current phase (Step) of the NSDS, please visit the Step 5 section. For more information on the NSDS activities in each Euro-Med country, instead, please visit the mini-website of each individual ALF National Network.