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Photo exhibition - "Sustainable Tourism 2017"

The "Free Trip - Liberia di Viaggiare" association organized a photo exhibition on the theme "Sustainable Tourism 2017" with students of the secondary schools in Durres. The event was held in cooperation with the Municipality of Durres and Durres Regional Education Directorate.

It is the second time that this activity takes place and the aim is to make it a tradition for our city.
The young high school photography enthusiasts presented the most beautiful moments fixed in celluloid.
The theme chosen this year 2017 is upon the International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations in its resolution 70/1931 and for which the Tourism Organization of the United Nations World is leading .
The exhibition was opened on Friday 31 March at 12.00 "Nicholl Vasia Gallery" until the 3rd of April. 18 students from different high schools presented around 50 pictures.

A professional jury selected three best works were awarded with symbolic prizes offered by the Association "Free Trip - Liberia di Viaggiare".

The winner of the first prize was declared Bernard Kërraj student of school Naim Frasheri, second prize was won by student Klidiana Kola school Jan Kukuzeli, third prize student Matilda Hill from School 16 Shtatori - Shijak. Also encouraging awards received students Klevisa Kotja, Anjeza Mullaj, Kasandra Çullhaj.
The exhibition was visited by many citizens passionate about photography and not only.

School: “Gjergj Kastrioti“
Marlind Mullaj
Elson Aliaj
Anjeza Mullaj
Kasandra Cullaj
Dea Dakovelli
Lori Çyrbja

School: ”16 Shtatori”
Matilda Kodra
Eni Selita

School: ”Naim Frashri”
Bernart Kërraj
Ajaks Brushtulli
Klevis Musa

School: ” Jan Kukuzeli”
Ornela Seferi
Klevisa Kotja
Armir Asllani
Kevin Muça
Eugen Mica
Kevin Guza 
Enki Manushaqja
Klidiana Kola


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