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Art Camp in Haskovo - “Cyril and Methodius” Primary School, 11 may 2011

On May 11, 2011, the second Art Camp of the Bulgarian network of Anna Lindh Foundation was held.
The sun was shining in Haskovo, a very nice town in the south of Bulgaria (close to Turkish border), and all the IIC staff was ready for the new adventure with the local students.
With the cooperation and help of Krasimira Damyanova, the IIC team – composed by the Chairperson Kostadinka Todorova, the young volunteer Stefan Kopanarov and the two Italian Erasmus interns Matteo Pezzana and Francesca Bianchi, spent a very good time during the second Art Camp of the project “Make Them Voiced, MTV”  (the first one took place in Sandanski in April).
The students from “Cyril and Methodius” Primary School were very helpful and motivated to participate in all the actions.
At first some of them read their messages of peace and friendship to their peers from the others “Anna Lindh” countries and then sang typical Bulgarian songs.
There were different “activities” for every class and age.
The senior students drew some graffiti on the school walls under the supervision of their teacher, writing the name of their school and the Bulgarian flag.
In the other corner of the school yard children drew messages of peace, friendship and love to their “friends” from other Euro-Mediterranean countries.
One of the most interesting area was the one where the youngest children were given papers with the shape of each country belonging to Anna Lindh Foundation network. Each paper had the name of the capital and the kids were free to draw and colour those shapes simply by using their imagination and their fantasy, helped by the staff in drawing the Country flag and/or the typical food or symbol (i.e. Pizza for Italy, pyramid for Egypt). The students asked their Italian guests many questions, overcoming the language barriers between them simply through a smile or sign language.
Another activity was planting the “Peace Tree” in the school yard where it will grow for the next generations of students.
Last but not the least, in the middle of the courtyard many children gathered around a very big and coloured parachute, making it moving and waving and trasforming the area in a very colourful and powerful place full of positive energy.
All the drawings made by the students were exhibited on the schoolyard’s walls, showing the great job the participants did.
The Art Camp in Haskovo was very successful and full of emotions for the students and for the organisers. It was realised with the cooperation and support of our partners Association “Hope” and “Cyril and Methoduis” Primary School.

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