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Final Conference of National Network Anna Lindh Bulgaria, Common Action between Bulgaria, Morocco, France and Slovenia within Network Strategic Development Scheme, Step 4

On the 28 July 2011 the annual conference of National Network Anna Lindh Bulgaria was held in Sofia. It was part of the Common Action between the Bulgarian, French, Moroccan and Slovenian networks within Network Strategic Development Scheme, Step 4.

The conference was attended by current and potential network members from Bulgaria, representatives of cultural centers and institutions in Bulgaria, including representatives from the municipality of Razlog, Stara Zagora and Plovdiv. Thus the dialogue between civil society organisations and local and regional authorities was strengthened.   

Participants shared good practices, successful projects and experience and discussed the opportunities for future cooperation in terms of building the intercultural dialogue in the EuroMed region.Guests at the conference were representatives of the Moroccan and Algerian embassies in Bulgaria, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Bulgaria, members of the French and Moroccan networks, and representative of National Center European Youth Programmes and Initiatives. Experts on Euro-Mediterranean cultural, social and political issues introduced the relations between Bulgaria and the Mediterranean countries in interesting and attractive way.

Ms. Eleonora Insalaco from Anna Lindh Secretariat presented the Euro-Med Intercultural trends report for 2010. Guest speaker at the conference within the Financial Support Mechanism for ALF Network Exchange, was Mr. Ahmed Naguib, political activist from Egypt.

After the conference, the guests visited Plovdiv where they met local and regional organisations and attended a poetry meeting with representatives of the Turkish ALF network. The culture and traditions of Bulgaria were introduced to our partners in the town of Razlog, where they experienced typical food, beautiful Bulgarian folklore and dances.

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