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Czech ALF in 2017: 3 big cross-network projects and 17 people trained or networking abroad

Czech ALF network has enjoyed very successfull and busy year!

Throughout 2017 Czech ALF network has taken part in 3 big cross network projects:

  • The project "Be Effective!", lead by the Czech network together in partnership with 7 other ALF networks, 123 people from 6 Central and Eastern European countries were trained in their countries in communication and media field, having built capacities to better communicate and open a constructive dialogue about "the other". Finally, 55 people continuted the training in the Learning and Sharing Meeting in Olomouc, Czech Republic, enjoying opportunity to network, share and learn from each other. 
  • The project "Intercultural Cities", lead by the Slovenian network, where Czech network participated as one of the Partners, enabled 5 representatives of the Czech civil society, academia and cultural intitutions involved in supporting, integrating, nurturing or analysing diversity in the urban space to network and exchange best practices together with their colleagues in a Forum in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 
  • The project  "Kimiyya: Women Actresses of Dialogue", where Czech network has been one of the Associate Partners, supported two distinguished women - Hana Stelzerová from Czech Women´s Lobby and Silvia Lauder, a leading Czech journalist focusing on gender in the Respect weekly magazine - to contribute to the final meeting in Naples, Italy. 

Furthermore, many networks members benefited from other exceptional or regular initiatives of ALF: 

  • A Czech creative writer has won one of the 15 prizes of the "Sea of Words" competition, traveling to Barcelona to accept the prize and participate in the accompanying programme, including a workshop of creative writing.
  • A Czech cultural organizer from the "Na Cucky Theatre" from Olomouc, has benefited from the ALF intership scheme, being able to spend a month in Tel Aviv to study the local theatre and dance scene and establish contacts for future cooperation.
  • A Czech civil society worker and educator has been trained to use the ALF Handbook on Intercultural Citizenship Education, taking place in Malta. 

Representatives of the Czech network also took part in regional meetings and experience sharing with other ALF networks:

  • 4 people travelled to Krakow, Poland, to meet their colleagues from 3 other V4 countries. 
  • 1 person travelled to Budapest, Hungary, to share experience and debate with other Central European ALF networks in a thematic conference about ALF. 

Besides international activities, a lot of events took place also nationally:

  • 13 representatives of the Czech network participated in the capacity building workshop "How to counter the hate speech and hate behaviour in social media"
  • 16 others took part in the practical workshop training the skills in Non-Violent Communication, teaching them how to open dialogue and led constructive communication. 

More information: - Head of Network, ALF national coordinator

Looking forward to our cooperation in2018!


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