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Danish Delegation at Regional Training on Countering Hate Speech with ALF Nordic Networks

On 3 - 6 April, the World Culture Museum in Gothenburg will host a regional training on countering hate speech through human rights education in collaboration with the Council of Europe and Anna Lindh Foundation network coordinators in Finland, Denmark and Germany.

The training brings together 20 civil society actors, youth workers, educators, non-formal education trainers from the Danish, Finnish, German and Swedish ALF networks. The programme is led by professional Council of Europe trainers Xavier Baro and Ramon Tena.

The training seminar aims to build participants’ competences to combat hate speech online and promote human rights on- and offline through human rights education and campaigning. It is organised in the framework of No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM), a youth campaign by the Council of Europe mobilising young people to combat hate speech  online and offline and to act for human rights. The aim of the campaign is to reduce the levels of acceptance of hate speech and to develop online youth participation and citizenship, including in internet governance processes.

From Denmark, representatives from Center for Prevention of Exclusion (CFE), International People’s College and Yo-Yo - A Youth Organisation for Youth Odysseys will be participating. 

The training is organised with the support of the Swedish Foreign Department, National Museums of World Culture, Finnish Institute in the Middle East and Danmission Middle East.

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