Partners for Transparency has been appointed as Head of Network in Egypt in 2018.

Partners For Transparency is a Non-Governmental Organization, registered according to the Egyptian law provisions' under the number 9729 in December 2014, the Foundation is independent and politically and ideologically neutral. PFT works in the context of assisting the community to consolidate and apply integrity, transparency and accountability values to achieve inclusive human development and human rights respect, along with establishing good governance system.
PFT is based on an ideological and legal framework relevant to the international system to protect human rights, social development principles, and good governance standards'.
The Foundation adopts transparency, integrity and accountability as central concepts to focus on, as the three concepts and values are the guarantee to fight corruption in its comprehensive context, which prevents the access to the rights package, affects development opportunities and undermines good governance.
A community respects the values of integrity, non-tolerant to corruption, and capable actors to apply transparency, accountability, and integrity practices in a way that helps in building good governance system, achieving sustainable development and respect for human rights.
Partners For Transparency seeks to assist different stallholders to adopt practices against corruption, promoting transparency, integrity and accountability, as well as unfettered access to information and facilitating circulation of information to assist different actors to take good decisions.
The Principles the Foundation Seeks to Establish for:
1. Access for information is a right for all stallholders;
2. People has the right to hold accountable decision making entities and power holders;
3. Credibility and impartiality are the foundation for the exercise of power;
4. Transparency and accountability are tools for progress not for defamation;
1- Enabling power holders (governmental and non-governmental) to apply transparency and integrity practices;
2- Promoting the instruments aiming at detecting and eliminating corruption;
3- Providing assistance to civil society in its broadest sense to use social accountability tools.
Work Mechanisms and Main Activities:
Observation and Information Dissemination:
Supporting the Development of Public Policies:
Capacity building:
Networking and partnerships: