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Population And Development Service Center has been appointed as Head of Network in Egypt in 2016.

Introduction - About Us     

The Population and Development Service Center (PDSC), an Egyptian NGO, was founded by a group of experts  and consultants working in several international organizations: United Nations – Terr Des Homme  - United States Agency for International Development ' USAID" /ERP Program  - European Union – CEDPA Washington / Egypt Office and specialists in the area of institutional support

PDSC Board members have had long careers with international and Egyptian NGOs and they have extensive experience in the areas of social development and communications and advocacy. The Center seeks to combat poverty and help people, and provide integrated care for them in terms of economic, social, health and education, through the implementation of projects and development programs and partnerships with government and civil society organizations.

The mandate of the current Board of Trustees in the Egyptian Network ends in June 2016 and elections for the new mandate are due to take place in September.

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Head(s) of Network

Population and Development Services center
Alshikh_Al_Ansary Street, Qeft,
Tel: 0020966917809