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From the firing-line / De la ligne de feu


Achref Debbeche – From the firing-line


Achref Debbeche is a 28 years old undergraduate at the University of Arts and Cinema (Ecole Des Arts et du Cinéma) in Tunis. The exhibition follows the Tunisian Revolution of 2010-2011 from the first days of the demonstrations until the euphoric celebrations of the resignation and escape of former president Ben Ali through his eyes.


The revolutionary wave that started in Tunisia in December 2010, led to the weakening or fall of several North African governments in 2011, and eventually caused the Libyan civil war, was called “Facebook-revolution” for a good reason. The rebels organized the demonstrations online from the beginning, used the social network to communicate with each other and the outside world using a technology that was so new to the history of revolutions that the government forces – formerly known for suppressing all critical opinion by main force if necessary – couldn’t deal with it (even though they tried variously).


All these events set a good example that young people like Achref Debbeche, using today's modern technologies and online social networks could play a very important role in shaping world politics.


This program is organized by the Hungarian Network of Anna Lindh Foundation to enhance dialogue and understanding.


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