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Med Forum 2016: Jordanian Delegation active participation in Malta

Were happy for being able to participate in the ALF Med Forum 2016 in Malta 

Following is the List of participants in MED Forum 2016 - Anna Lindh- coming from Jordan:

No. organisation Name Surname Email Telephone number
1 The United Religions Initiative (URI) - Middle East and North Africa (MENA) -
2 Mediterranean for Developing Arts (MedeArts)
Mohammad Sammour 798632685
3 JORDAN Youth Innovation Forum (JYIF) -
Ayat Qteshat
4 All Jordan Youth Commission/ King Abdullah II Fund for Development - ALF Jordanian Steering Committee Member
Omar Alashoush ""
5 The Youth Spirit Center
Nidal Al Abbadi
6 Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development
Bashar Menwer Ateieh Shunnaq
7 Rabeea and Rand for Training and Knowledge (Brand Name: House of Tales and Music Friends)
Bashar Al-Khatib'
8 Generations For Peace Mark Clark +962 6 500 4600
9 ARIJ Abdulrahman Ahmed/ Yahia 00962 6 464 0411
10 The Cultural Association for Post Release Care
Younis ALOMARI; 772050817
11 Baitona
Jamal Taybauy 962772453283
12 Young Arab Voices- British Council
Malek Ikhmies
13 Young Arab Voices
Omar Al Othman
14 Anas Talaqa
15 MEDAC - Mediterranean Academy
Naser al-Deen Al-Quran
16 House of Tales and Music
Rabeea Al Nasser
17 Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies - Head of Network
Zina Ishaq-Nimri

18 Ruwaida Maaita

19 Serene Hulleileh; - 0795334422

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