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The festival “On the Other Shore of the Mediterranean 2014”

The festival  “On the Other Shore of the Mediterranean 2014”, which is Network Activity of Latvian network, has become a crucial part of annual activities organized by ALF Latvian Network.

This year it happened the fourth time from May 19th till May 25th.

During one week more than 18 different activities were held in 8 places around the country (Riga, Liepaja, Tukums, Saldus, Valmiera, Amata, Koceni, Brenguli). Around 1000 people had a chance to explore existing social and cultural diversity of the South and East Mediterranean coast countries.
The programme of the Festival consisted of wide range of educational and entertaining events: theatre performances, movie screening, exhibitions, workshops, dancing classes, presentations and discussions etc.

More information:
Kristine Leontjeva
Anna Lindh EuroMed foundation - Head of Latvian Network
Agency for International Programs for Youth

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