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Executive Director Ambassador Mr. Hatem Atallah's official meeting with members of the Malta Network

A meeting was held between members of the Maltese Network and the Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Ambassador Mr. Hatem Atallah.

Ambassador Mr. Atallah stressed the importance of 2016 for the foundation – a year that will see the organisation of the third edition of the Anna Lindh Mediterranean Forum, themed ‘Euro-Mediterranean Forum on Intercultural Dialogue’, to be held in Malta between October 24 and 25.

The Executive Director Ambassador insisted on the importance of: 

1. providing the space for youths to create their own narrative;
2. providing the opportunity for youths to become and exert their rights as citizens;
3. creating a large space where cultural dimensions are presented, accepted and developed;

The Executive Director insisted on the responsibility of the ALF and the network members to be able to connect, to create the common ground and reinforce common values!

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