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ALF MNE Network Meeting & Capacity Building, August 2017.

On August 3, 2017, the Ministry of Culture organized ALF-MNE National Network Meeting with capacity building presentation in the "Club" gallery of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Podgorica.

At the beginning of the Meeting Boris Abramovic, Coordinator of ALF Montenegrin Network, presented the best practice examples implemented within the ALF program, at national and international level. He outlined some of the current possibilities and future perspectives of this Euro-Mediterranean program and emphasized various opportunities in the realm of education, cooperation and networking available to members of the ALF networks. With participants of the Meeting he discussed the outcomes and benefits of the implemented ALF projects as well as how they contribute to stimulating social processes such as development of dialogue, diversity and inclusiveness.

Natasa Nelevic, theatrologist, devoted her presentation to contemporary activist (artistic) practices aimed at various social changes related to interculturality, multiculturalism and transculturalism. She spoke about how cultural practices, through the simulation of individual experiences of interculturalism, can increase community capacities for recognizing individual and social benefits of dialogue and interculturalism. She reflected on some of the key activities that have been realized in Montenegro and in international context through ALF funds and networks.

The second part of the program was devoted to capacity building of network through financial project management presentation, while the additional part of the program was the presentation of most significant project fund in culture - Creative Europe.

In his presentation, Vucic Cetkovic, an economist, spoke about effective project management with a focus on European funds. He spoke of the project cycle starting from the assessment of costs through the implementation of planned activities and the spending of funds, as well as on the process of monitoring and applying regulations in all aspects of project financial management, and finalizing the project through preparation and submission of reports. In the interactive part of the presentation, the focus was on designing realistic project budget in line with available resources.

Milena Raznatovic, Coordinator of the Desk for Creative Europe in the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro, presented an open call for European cooperation projects, which is being published in autumn each year. In addition, a part of the presentation was devoted to propositions under which Montenegrin institutions and civil society organizations may participate in the program of the European Year of Cultural Heritage in 2018.

The presentation was attended by members of the Montenegrin ALF network as well as non-member representatives of institutions, civil sector and local government.

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