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Report ALF Dutch network meeting

Report ALF 2nd Dutch Network Meeting
The Hague, 8-9-2017

On the 8th of September, members of the Dutch Anna Lindh Foundation network were invited to join the Head of Network, EUROCLIO, for a network meeting in Humanity House in The Hague.

The meeting opened with a word of welcome and updates from EUROCLIO by the Dutch head of network, Jaco Stoop, who provided updates of the developments and activities of the Anna Lindh Foundation. He also announced that after six years, EUROCLIO will not run for a next term as head of network. This does not mean that EUROCLIO will not be active within the Network anymore, but has decided to take a step back as head of the network. This was discussed among the participants shortly.

After that, we were joined by Roderick Besseling. He works as an Open Date Coordinator at Cordaid and has for the last couple of years worked extensively on how data can be shown by organizations in a way that the public can better understand this data. Roderick gave a workshop on the International Aid Transparency Initiative and other innovative tools which can be used by organizations to show the public their data. The many possibilities with the online showing of data were an eye-opener to the participants, who were very enthusiastic by what Roderick showed them.

The day was closed by a short discussion on the ways in which the International Aid Transparency Initiative can be used by organizations. EUROCLIO would very much like to thank all participants for their input and especially Roderick Besseling for his interesting and enlightening workshop.

Download the report in PDF below. 


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