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Israel Violates the International Law

Anna Lindh Network in Palestine strongly condemns the Israeli aggression against civilians in Gaza Strip. The attack comes as part of the Israeli systematic policy to keep pressing on Palestinians and cuts the road in front of achieving reconciliation of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis on the base of the two states solution in the light of the international community resolutions.

Israel is still going on in its policies of violating the international law through its arrogance procedures. It is crystal clear that the current Israeli government in not interested in achieving peace and ending its occupation of the Palestinian land. The attack that Israel launched against Gaza Strip comes as part of the electoral campaigns of the Israeli right wing parties that deny the rights of Palestinians to practice their right to self dependence and achieve their national independence.

The attack is an attempt from the Israeli government to ban Palestinians from addressing the United Nations to get recognition of their state. The ongoing attacks conducted by the Israeli army against Palestinians regularly, indicates the importance of addressing the United Nations to get recognition of the Palestinian state and the fact that Palestinian land is occupied by Israel and the applicable of Geneva the 4th Convention

Palestinian Anna Lindh network while following up with the ongoing attack on Gaza Strip, calls upon the international community to interfere immediately to protect the Palestinian population in Gaza. As a network and as part of the Palestinian civil society, we call upon the following:

  • The necessity to interfere by all the international community components, either governmental or non governmental bodies to condemn the Israeli attack and interfere immediately to stop the aggression.
  • We call upon the Anna Lindh networks through over the world to launch lobbying campaigns addressing their governments to press on Israel in order to stop its attacks and respects the international law
  • We call upon the United Nations Agencies to interfere immediately to make Israel accountable and for the Israeli government to respect the international legacy and the UN Resolutions and the international humanitarian laws.
  • We call upon the Palestinian political parties to accelerate the process of reconciliation and be united in facing the aggression and publicizing the Israeli government on all levels.    

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