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Members of the ALF Spanish Network are classified by themes

The Annual Assembly of the Anna Lindh Foundation Spanish Network took place on September 18th 2014. One of its actions agreed for this coming year as part of the Intra Network Common Action is setting up four working groups according to ALF’s four themes: Culture and Art, Education and Learning, Media and Communication, and finally Citizenship.

Each working group will be dynamised and/or coordinated by one of the members of the Executive Committee of the Anna Lindh Spanish Network. This Intra Network Action has been designed in order to allow a greater cooperation between projects to be developed.
Associations have already assigned into different fields of action and the classification by themes has resulted in the following:
27 associations in Culture and Art – coordinated by Fundación Interats
60 associations in Education and Learning – coordinated by Irenia Jocs de pau and Jarit
14 associations in Media and Communication – coordinated by CERAI
30 associations in Citizenship – coordinated by Fundación Tres Culturas

Since now, members of the Executive Committee responsible for each of the themes will contact associations in order to start working, coordinating joint projects and promoting fields of interest for all. It is expected that this way the Network and projects developed by each association will be strengthened.

In the attached document you will find the complete list of associations classified by themes.

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