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Swideas' Youth to Youth facilitates dialogue between policy makers and young migrants in Helsingborg

"Youth to Youth - deliberations and sharing of experiences on the current Mediterranean Refugee and Migrant Crisis: its challenges, impacts and opportunities" is an Anna Lindh Foundation funded project partnering 4 organisations: Swideas (Sweden), Crossing Borders (Denmark), People Demand Change (Turkey) and The Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace (Lebanon).

The project aims to train 16 young high school students to organise and facilitate workshops for a more tolerant, culturally understanding and receptive Euro-Med region.  In addition to this, it aims to facilitate the greater inclusion of youth voices in public debate on migration and diversity through engaging local and regional authorities in public debate and discussion with young people. 

In February a five-day exchange seminar was held in Denmark, where students from Sweden, Lebanon and Denmark met, shared experiences and created concrete strategies and tools to improve dialogue on the Mediterranean refugee and migrant crisis. A similar seminar was held in Turkey in April. Following this, the young people have organised two workshops about the reception and inclusion of refugees within their local communities in their schools. The Swedish students held workshops in Helsingborg on 19th April around the perception of the refugee crisis in Sweden and strategies for creating more inclusive communities.

Round table Discussion
The project will culminate with a round table discussion with Swedish policy makers on 9th May from 13.30-14.45 in Helsingborg. The event is being organised and facilitated by the young people themselves, who will present their ideas and questions around the inclusion of refugees and migrants in Helsingborg to discuss with local decision makers.

The participants in the discussion will be Cecilia Lindersson, Philip Rehus, Andrea Cronberg, Anton Bengtsson, Mona Abdi, Ellinor Sjöberg och Stephanie Havmarker Ekenberg från Johannes Hedberggymansiet och Johan Vesterlund (C), Anna Jähnke (M), Jacqueline Engström (M), Ola Möller (S), Annika Roman (MP), Lars Thunberg (KD), Michael Rosenberg (SD), Filippa Eklund (LUF), Louise Nilsson (LUF), Miranda Kalabria (LUF), Peter Lindqvist (IM, Individuell människohjälp), Martin Broms (IM, Individuell människohjälp) och Ulf Molin (C).

Contact person: Rebecca Stewart rebecca.stewart(AT)


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