ALF featured at the "Génération Méditerranée, l'hebdo" TV programme

Génération Méditerranée, l'hebdo - France3 - Interview with Princess Rym Ali, President of the FAL.png

In an interview on 3 February for the TV programme “Génération Méditerranée l'hebdo” at France3, HRH Princess Rym Ali, President of the ALF, presented the Foundation and highlighted the role of its Civil Society Networks in the Euro-Mediterranean region. 

During the interview, the President underlined how the Foundation works towards the accomplishment of its mission and vision by working closely with 42 Civil Society Networks of the Euro-Mediterranean region, through concrete actions related to culture, education and media and close collaborations with the ALF Network members. As an example, Princess Rym Ali introduced the Anna Lindh Foundation Virtual Marathon for Dialogue which took place ‘online’ between 19 May and 30 June 2021 and brought together around 3,000 civil society organisations, government representatives, entrepreneurs, young people, specialists, media and academics. It resulted in holding weekly webinars on Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, as well as training sessions, virtual exhibitions, and debates led by the Foundation civil society Networks.

The President also presented the ALF initiative "EuroMed Capital for Dialogue Award", which recognises cities that promote diversity and provide space for the other. This prize was awarded in 2021 to the city of Limassol in Cyprus and to the city of Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Regarding her priorities for the Foundation, the President underlined the importance of the evaluation of the ALF actions in the EuroMed region to have concrete and relevant impact with regard to the ALF work areas of culture, media and education.

Finally, on how to protect the ‘freedom of expression’ in the EuroMed region, Princess Rym Ali underlined that the need for stability, security and safety are not incompatible with freedom of expression. “It is very important to educate young people to nurture their capacity of analysis and critical spirit, because these are ultimately the essential bases of freedom of expression, which requires maturity in the understanding of different media platforms, and obviously an autonomy of thought”. She added “We must also not forget that culture, which includes art, music, cinema and its various manifestations, are also means of expression and must be given the necessary space for their development. So by supporting cultural organisations, we contribute at the Anna Lindh Foundation to occupying this space and thereby encouraging even more freedom of expression.”

Watch the full interview here (English subtitles available).