The ALF President's online encounter with the Mediterranean press at MEZZÉ


On 12 May, HRH Princess Rym Ali, President of the Anna Lindh Foundation, participated in a new edition of MEZZÉ organised by Radio France and Copeam - the Permanent Conference of Mediterranean Audiovisual Operators. Built on a new innovative format, on the border between the webinar and the filmed radio magazine, the new magazine MEZZÉ aims to bring a "great Mediterranean witness" into dialogue with journalists from the media associated with COPEAM, to create a space for debate and interaction dedicated to the Mediterranean.

Moderated by Jérôme SUSINI of Radio France, Dina ABDELMEGUID of Radio Cairo and Lynda BOUADMA of Algerian radio station EPRS, the edition provided an opportunity to discuss the Princess’s previous career and the Anna Lindh Foundation’s major actions and missions, and debate international current affairs and their impact on the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Watch the interview here (English subtitles available).