Anna Lindh Foundation Heads of National Networks online meeting

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The Anna Lindh Foundation Secretariat organised an online meeting of the Coordinators of ALF National Civil Society Networks on 8 June 2022 to present the main components of the Foundation's Action Grant 2022-2025, as well as to discuss in details the engagement scheme of the ALF civil society networks and their mobilisation for the development of intercultural dialogue activities at national and regional levels.

In the framework of the Networks Engagement Scheme, the ALF Secretariat will offer the Heads of Network (HoNs) through bilateral negotiation processes and tailored agreements, yearly contracts to implement components to assist decentralised management related to the general coordination and governance of their National Networks.

As such, precise Terms of reference will be elaborated based on the national contexts and institutional backgrounds promoting quality and consistency in line with the ALF “Main Principles to Action” and the ALF Multiannual Work Programme 2022-2025, specifying expected outputs.

The Scheme targets HoNs organisations as primary actors but also seeks to empower Network members with the purpose of supporting the ALF National Networks to deliver optimally for their members in a decentralised manner, thereby also empowering grass-root members to deliver on practical outputs and outcomes of intercultural dialogue useful for societies and institutions.

Additionally, the Scheme will aim to achieve intra-network cohesion as a primary outcome, and can also promote and support inter-network cooperation specifically for the purpose of enhancing the Networks on the national/local level where an added value is identifiable.

With this, the ALF intends to create a new dynamic, both on the level of the Secretariat concerning design and monitoring and on the level of implementation by the Heads of Network. As such, a premium is placed upon reinforcement and sustainability of the Networks.

ALF Heads of Network online meeting - 08 June 2022


ALF Heads of Network online meeting - 08 June 2022