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Announcement of Thessaloniki Forum on Youth and Social Innovation

The Anna Lindh Foundation and the Municipality of Thessaloniki will organise from 28th November to 2nd December 2015 the first annual forum on "Youth and Social Innovation". The Forum will bring together youth leaders, civil society and policy-makers from municipalities across the Mediterranean, with a thematic focus in 2015 on the role of youth debate and social enterprise. The Municipality of Thessaloniki was awarded the title of 'Youth Capital of Europe' in 2014, and the organisers intend the forum to become the central point n a year-long process of networking, exchange and debate in the domain of youth and social innovation.

The programme from 28th November to 2nd December will consist of: a master training for Young Arab Voices, bringing together leading youth debaters from across the Mediterranean; inputs on learning and research by Chatham House and In Place of War on the role of youth debate and social enterprise; and a public conference in association with the British Council and EUNIC Network on youth and social innovation.