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EBU announces media partnership for MED FORUM 2016

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) has announced a new partnership with the Anna Lindh Foundation for this year’s MED FORUM in Malta. EBU Member Maltese broadcaster PBS will be the official media partner of the event in Valletta.

EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenre said: “We know the media has an incredibly important role to play in improving understanding between peoples. Public service broadcasters can help address the gaps in public perception that are often exploited by those movements of division in the world.

“We believe MED FORUM 2016 will offer a unique opportunity for broadcasters to gain a better understanding of the region’s complex social and cultural landscape and to accelerate the transition process from state media to true public service media in the region.”

MED FORUM 2016, the largest civil society gathering of its kind and is devoted to improving intercultural dialogue in the Euro-Mediterranean area, will take place in Valletta, Malta, from 23rd to 25th October, ahead of the first Maltese EU Presidency. It will bring together a unique network of practitioners, donors, institutions and young people to challenge the forces of polarization against a backdrop of unprecedented regional challenges.

The EBU has been a partner of the Foundation for the last 8 years.