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Empowering Youth to Challenge Extremist Narratives

Amman, 1st June 2016, The President of the Anna Lindh Foundation Elisabeth Guigou met with around 20 organizations (members of the ALF Network in Jordan) on the 1st of June 2016 in Amman. During the meeting, they presented and discussed the achievements, activities and major challenges facing the Jordanian Network and debated on how can civil societies actors fight extremism in Jordan. 

President Elisabeth Guigou said “There is no counter-narrative silver bullet. We must invent the means, nurture the skills, foster new ideas to prevent the spread of violence”. She also underlined the importance of engaging youth in combating violent extremism, nurturing a culture of dialogue and promoting regional collaboration and knowledge mobility. She confirmed that the Anna Lindh Foundation is fully committed to reinforcing the actions of its Network in Jordan by promoting mutual understanding and combating stereotyping.

The opening debate, featuring President Elisabeth Guigou and facilitated by Dr. Majeda Omar director of the RIIFS, highlighted the issues of women, refugees and extremism. The meeting also encouraged the participants to find solutions to challenging extremist narratives and radicalization through: Implementing creative programmes, finding new tools and innovative approaches to increase youth and women’s participation and supporting exchanges.

The meeting, coordinated by the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS), gathered more than 100 members of the Anna Lindh Jordanian Network where recent activities implemented in the fields of arts, media and education were presented. The meeting also aimed at promoting intercultural dialogue actions and cooperating with other Euro-Med organisations in Jordan.