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An Exceptional Tribute in Essaouira to André Azoulay

The Anna Lindh Foundation celebrated André Azoulay, who will be finishing his mandate at the head of the institution by the end of this month, in his hometown of Essaouira in Morocco with the presence of representatives from different bodies of the Foundation and more than 100 civil society actors and journalists.

Even if we regret the lack of space given to the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation in the political agendas, I am still convinced that the common destiny will end up imposing itself beyond the fears and the fractions which we witness daily on the two shores of the Mediterranean” said André Azoulay, at the debate organised at Dar Souiri which tried to understand what went wrong and how we imagine the future of the Mediterranean. The night ended in Andalusian and African-Moroccan Gnawa rhythms, typical to the musical heritage of Mogador.

The non-traditional tribute to André Azoulay took the form of a debate opened to the future on “The Mediterranean: 20 years after the Barcelona process” animated by Andreu Claret, the Executive Director of the Foundation who worked alongside Azoulay for 6 years. Several Euromediterranean and Moroccan personalities joined the debate: Serge Telle (French Embassador to the Union for the Mediterranean), Antoine Messara (Member of the Advisory Council of the ALF), Mohamed Fahmy and Marjon Goethink (Heads of Networks), Mohamed Tozy (Director of EGE), Leila Ghandi (Journalist), and Driss Khrouz (Director of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco).

From his side, Andreu Claret focused in his speech on highlighting the achievements realized by the foundation during the mandate of Azoulay, adviser to the king of Morocco and prominent personality in the field of dialogue in the Euromed region. “Azoulay as a person embodies the values of diversity and dialogue which are at the core of the work of the ALF. During his mandate the foundation gained in visibility and credibility, and as a result we count 4100 civil society members now compared to 1200 in 2005”.

The event was also the opportunity to meet the members of the Moroccan network of the Anna Lindh Foundation, headed by the South North Centre for International Cooperation, represented by Mohamed Fahmi. The 70 participants, coming from more than 24 different Moroccan cities who benefited from a capacity building day on media and communication from development and project funding and management.

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