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Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina meets young trainees as part of their leadership mentoring exercise in Amman to explore effective advocacy

Former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The ‘Debate to Action’ Communication and Leadership programme offered the trainees a unique opportunity to meet global leader Zlatko Lagumdzija, former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina and member of the World Leadership Alliance-Club de Madrid. The experience took place on 16th February 2016 and was framed within a mentoring exercise with the 24 participants to the training, as a result of a partnership between the Anna Lindh Foundation and the Club de Madrid. The exercise included a workshop with the leader, in which trainees had the opportunity to get first-hand guidance on global high level leadership, and a dinner with institutional partners.

Prime Minister Lagumdzija lead a session with the young leaders on how to make their voices heard in the public realm. He advised them to “be prepared to show your inspirational and compelling vision” to their audience about what they believe in. One of the most remarkable repeated advices he gave to the trainees was to “be optimistic”, asking them to “show people what you believe in; if you are yourself you will hit people’s hearts”. He encouraged the trainees to always be prepared, be themselves, take risks and accept failure, respect everyone’s dignity and never cease to follow their values, remain optimistic and passionate in what they do.