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The Journalist Prize Awarding Ceremony

The Foundation and the International Federation of Journalists awarded the first Euro-Med Journalist Prize for Cultural Diversity to four winners on 10 September 2006. The ceremony was co-organized with the Swedish Institute in Alexandria where the ceremony took place

The four winners, Annalisa Monfreda (Italy), Hugues Dorzée (Belgium), Mahitab Abdel Raouf (Egypt) and Yoav Stern (Israel) received the prize in appreciation of articles that effectively contribute to the ongoing dialogue between cultures and peoples by spreading awareness of diversity. Addressing the audience, the young winners talked about the importance of the prize for their future career. “The prize constitutes a defining moment in my professional life and clearly encourages and expands my ambitions” stated the Egyptian winner Mahitab.

The winners benefited from their stay in Egypt to report on the city of Alexandria; Annalisa (Italian winner) focused on the archaeological discovering of a city below the water, and interviewed Jean-Yves Empereur a French archeologist in charge of the underwater digs in Alexandria. Hugues (Belgian winner) portrayed the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and interviewed people from AlexMed the center on research on the Mediterranean (affiliated to the Bibliotheca). While Yoav (Israeli winner) explored the story of the Jewish community in Alexandria.