Participation of the ALF Executive Director to a webinar on the impact of the events in Lebanon on EU relations, 2nd of September 2020


The Executive Director of the Anna Lindh Foundation, Dr. Nabil Al-Sharif, participated on the 2nd of September 2020 in a webinar entitled: “The impact of the Events in Lebanon on EU relations”. This webinar was organized by the “European Student, Think Tank” and “Prisma, European network”.

Lebanon is one of the 42 countries of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership where the ALF operates for the promotion of intercultural dialogue in the region and where it has a network of civil society organisations active for this work for dialogue. In front of the devastating explosion which took place at the port of Beirut on 4th of August, the Executive Director expressed again his solidarity and stressed how: “Young people have displayed a strong sense of civic engagement and have worked in all directions and no stop to help the rest of the population.”. 

In this respect, Dr. Al-Sharif added: “throughout the year we have registered a good level of commitment in the Anna Lindh flagship project on youth Young Mediterranean Voices”. And for the future of Euro-Mediterranean relations, the Foundation is convinced that it is essential to keep this dialogue ongoing and to offer young people as many platforms for dialogue as possible: “We are therefore working on the sustainability of the Young Mediterranean Voices Programme where Lebanese youth has already established various debate clubs, but we are also working on gathering scientific data to map the views and perceptions of young people, adults, women and men concerning intercultural relations and their aspirations at the personal and societal way.”.

The Director of the ALF finally salutes this initiative organised by European Student Think Tank (EST) and Prisma European Network on EU-Middle East relations putting young people at the central stage “as young people are the actors of today and of tomorrow”, and concluded his intervention by inviting: “both institutions to join efforts on the one hand to disseminate and analyse with young people the scientific data we are gathering on intercultural relations and also to work together for supporting exchanges among youth across the region.”.

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