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President Elisabeth Guigou Statement on the attack against Charlie Hebdo

The Anna Lindh Foundation has been working for ten years in bringing together cultures and promoting Euro Mediterranean dialogue which precisely has been attacked by the killers of Charlie Hebdo.

The despicable and cowardly attack against the editors of Charlie Hebdo was also directed against the values that are dear to the French citizens and which are the motto of the French Republic: Liberty, but also Equality, because we are equals in front of threats, and Fraternity which remains the best response to hate.

These values are widely shared in the Euro-Mediterranean area, as we can appreciate through the testimonies of solidarity coming from across the region and the rest of the world. The people of the Southern shore of the Mediterranean are regularly bruised by terrorism which victims they have been crying over for a long time. In front of this scourge, our solidarity is reciprocal and unconditional.

Our response will be more fraternity, more exchanges and more mutual understanding. We will continue, without never faltering, to gather thousands of youth for dialogue across the Mediterranean. The action of the Foundation is more necessary than ever to face those who want to create divisions within and between our societies. The death impulse has no national or religious belonging: it is only based on hate.

I would like to express my strong will to increase the commitment of the Anna Lindh Foundation in confronting any kind of extremism and to continue to build, around the Mediterranean, a strong network of men and women demonstrating, every day, that living together remains stronger.

Elisabeth Guigou